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Wild Intelligence  offers programmes in natural environments, using the development of multi sensory awareness and creativity as foundations for education and personal growth. It offers experiences that raise the value of experiencing wild places as a multi-dimensional intelligence that can change lives, educate at all levels, heal and inspire. 


Science observes and records nature's behaviour and quantifies her complexity, her intricacy and her diversity; artists respond to the beauty of her seasons and moods with every kind of expression, but  spiritual traditions revere her and seek her advice and guidance. At a time of the Great Turning (Joanna Macy), the environmental revolution and the critical relationship between human life and the survival of the planet, we are realizing that we and nature are one... and that whatever we do to her we do to ourselves. So now we need to restore our connection to her through integrated learning and direct experience. It is time to respond to her as wise teacher and healer instead of objective phenomenon. Children do this in their natural trust of her but many adults don't feel her wisdom.  Wild Intelligence courses aim to help redress the loss of that ability. 

Jonathan Middlemiss is a professional workshop facilitator and artist. He creates workshops in different media  from clay work and painting to land art and movement, and offers them to a wide range of abilities.

"After several years of not making pottery and working on outdoor projects, I developed courses of physical meditation offering creative sensory exercises in the natural environment. Through movement, and spontaneous interactions,  participants are led to the edge of perception by stimulating the senses without analysis or judgement. It encourages the conscious choice to engage with ‘not knowing’ and being able to let go of associations. Whenever we release the need to contextualize, the senses start to expand, their intensity grows, they bring a new aliveness and from a person-centred viewpoint of nature we start to merge into unknowingness. This is an indescribable place, because it is everyone’s own perception of it, their journey, their engagement and their openness that creates it. The experience draws people into a state of wonder and awe, and it is always memorable." 

Courses and workshops take place in natural environments. Nature's potency is everywhere, but venues are chosen where it can best be felt within the local area.  Some are short experiences of two hours, half or full days. Some are longer. They are suitable for all ages and abilities.

  • "Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."   Native American

  • "The easiest way to experience a bit of what the wild was like is to go into a great forest at night alone.  Sit quietly for awhile.  Something very old will return." Jack Turner

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